The Goal

Autoren: Eliyahu M. Goldratt [fusion_counters_circle][fusion_counter_circle filledcolor="" unfilledcolor="" size="80" scales="no" countdown="no" speed="1500" value="90"]4,5/5[/fusion_counter_circle][/fusion_counters_circle] Improving the flow and finding the bottlenecks. Mentioned in the book The Phoenix Project I wanted to read this book because it was the first to combine a story and knowledge. The same management principles are explained for manufactoring as those explained in The Phoenix Project for IT. It is all about the flow. Keeping the inventory low, the flow high and concentrating on the bottlenecks. All improvements aside the bottlenecks are useless. Not every working center needs [...]

The Phoenix Project

Autoren: Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford [fusion_counters_circle][fusion_counter_circle filledcolor="" unfilledcolor="" size="80" scales="no" countdown="no" speed="1500" value="100"]5/5[/fusion_counter_circle][/fusion_counters_circle] Story und Managementwissen in einem. Hammer! A novel that made my hat spin and think. A novel that was a page turner, at least to the middle. A novel that got me in touch with a lot of management principles. What more would you expect from a book! We follow Bill Palmer on his job promotion as VP of IT operations. Getting hundreds of Mails, being overwhelmed by the amount of work, being a firefighter [...]

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